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CCTV IP/HD Camera Systems


Record everything that happens with a Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) designed specifically for your needs. Digital video recorders ( DVR’s) and IP NVR recorder can record events 24 hours /day whether someone is on site or not. DVR’s, NVR’s can be installed on site for easy access or at a separate secure location.

HD-IP Cameras

Cameras can be designed to capture people, events or license plates. Add zoom lenses to view activity from a kilometer away or add night vision to record in the dark. Cameras can be mounted in a fixed position or mobile to view a 360 degree area. Pinhole cameras for discrete recording or IP cameras to view your site over the Internet from anywhere in the world!

Remote Video Access – Smartphone Access

You can now view your CCTV System from any smartphone or computer. Simply log into your account, check the status of your business or home.

Video Intercom Systems

Video intercom systems are great for single family homes, offices and apartment buildings. The system transmits live audio & video directly to the monitor. Plus, can be equipped with a door release button to remotely unlock a door or release a gate.