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Card/Fob Access Control

Readers – Prox Cards – Fobs

Have complete access control and management of your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our access control systems from Keyscan. When integrated into CCTV systems, access control is a powerful tool.

Keys vs. Cards: If keys are lost or stolen, they can pose an immense and immediate threat to your organization unless new locks are installed and new keys are made. This scenario is expensive and time-consuming. With our access control system, you have instant control over your site.

Event Logging History

Tracking employees, running reports

Use for payroll management

Elevator Control

With access control systems, the possibilities are endless. You can set specific time conditions for every person, at every door, elevator, or parking gate. The Keyscan software will record all activity, which you can then compile into a report. This allows you not only to have complete control of employee activity, but also gives you information about employee activity that may be helpful in running a more efficient business.